To help simplify your motor vehicle maintenance needs, we’ve created 3 set price servicing packages to cover all your motoring needs. You know what you get, and what it will cost up front – no surprises!

We also offer a set price “Peace Of Mind” inspection where one of our experienced technicians will carry out an inspection of your vehicle, or your partners, childrens, grandchildrens, or a staff vehicle.

Think of it as a pre-holiday roadworthy check, or “surprise prevention”, and reduce the risk of an unpleasant breakdown.

If you source your WOF from a WOF only inspection outlet, that’s all you’ll get. With an “NRG POM” inspection, you’ll get a no obligation, more in depth assessment that will give you confidence in your vehicle safety.

Combine this with a Gold, Silver or Bronze service package, and WOF check, to create a one stop vehicle maintenance program!

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